In the beginning…..

Well, this is my first ever blog.  I seem to have spent most of the day on the computer figuring out how to do this.  In fact that isn’t the case.  It just seems like it as I have been here for a few hours! 

It was great this morning as I managed to have a, very rare, lie in because of the snow.  Pete, my partner, has had to work from home.  Both college and school for my two youngest children was also shut. Pete is used to getting up early and accordingly fed and walked the dog.  Lovely.  I was supposed to have a feedback tutorial on my studio assessment at mid-day but this was also cancelled because of, yes you guessed it, the snow.  It does look beautiful though.  Both the dog and the cat love it.  I seem to have rather an unusual cat who doesn’t mind water too much. 

I am currently in the third year of a fine art degree.  I feel that my studio assessment went well but am struggling a little with my dissertation.  I am writing about the subversive use of decoration by some artists.  As ususal, I am finding it hard to stick to the subject and not go off in another direction.  I have been reading about Grayson Perry.  I have just had to submit my final draft and will receive feedback on that after Christmas.  I think everything takes a little longer for me being a mature student. 

I did manage to do a little painting today but had to interrupt this to sort out a new picture for the Christmas Artists Open Houses in Brighton.  I managed to sell one last weekend and therefore have a space waiting to be filled for this weekend.  I got rather frustrated trying to frame some of my lino cut prints.  I have some work at the Oasis Project, Richmond Place (alongside St Peter’s Church).  They are a charity who seek to help women, children and families affected by alcohol and drug abuse.  See for more information.  The AOH are open for the next two weekends 11-4pm.

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