The Weekend…

Well on Friday night it absolutely poured with rain.  This was good so far as clearing the snow was concerned.  However, as the rain continued on Saturday afternoon it put a bit of a dampner on the AOH.  I don’t think many people felt like walking around Brighton perusing the houses.  We had a few visitors but not many.  On Sunday morning I watched my son play football.  It was absolutely freezing.  Unfortunately they lost the game.  The other team was a division above them though. Both teams played really well.  I then had to drop my daughter at work before going to the AOH for a couple of hours.  Only five visitors for the two and a half hours I was there.  Then rushed back to start dinner and wash and dry school uniform.  It’s the evening already and I haven’t touched any art work today.  😦  This happens often.  I really have to get more organized.  Going to have another look at ‘Learn WordPress’ to try and figure out how to put photos on a post.

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