A Year in Photos (Looking at 2010)


JANUARY.  Meeting celebrities at Madam Tussauds.

Part of the Berlin Wall at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, London.

And it snowed!


FEBRUARY.  Little did I know it but one of my son’s last weekend rugby matches.  It’s football all the way now….


APRIL.  We moved to our lovely new home.

MAY.  My first exhibition.  Xuma, Brighton.  Mum with her portrait.

Anne’s balloon ride.  She finally got to use her birthday present.  Lovely day.

JULY.  Redcurrents from our garden.

Toadstools in the wood.

AUGUST.  Florence.

Camping weekend at Witterings, Sussex.

Lovely Luton.  Visiting my brother.

SEPTEMBER.  Finally got to visit Cambridge.  What a lovely place.  Pete and I had a great time.  What fun too when Robbie fell in!

Took Tom back to uni.  New digs.

Grapes from our garden.  Wine still cooking.

My beautiful daughter is 18.  I’m the one on the left!

Thought i’d have a go at oil paints on a floor tile.  Took forever to dry though.

Put my new curtains up.  I love them.

OCTOBER.  Our now annual visit to the Frieze Art Fair, Regents Park.

Aiya Napa, boat trip.

NOVEMBER.  My studio space, ready for assessment.

The Greyhound.  Early meal to celebrate Mum’s forthcoming 70th birthday.

Maria’s 40th birthday party.  They are so sweet.

DECEMBER.  Snow again. Didn’t we just have some in January?  It was beautiful but caused total disruption as usual.

Some of my work at The Oasis Project,  Artists Xmas Open Houses, Brighton. 

Christmas Mantle.

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