Well I can hardly believe that January is more than half over already.  I’ve just been to my first exhibition of the year at Pallant House, Chichester.  I particularly wanted to see “Contemporary Eye: Crossovers” because of Grayson Perry’s pots.  I am including a case study of Perry in my dissertation.  My dissertation – hoped to have finished it by now……… I saw Le morte de l’amour 1987, Man is born of woman 1989 and Tribal artefact for the chattering classes 1993-94.  It was great because I also got to see one of his wall hangings and one of his plates, Suffer the little children 1986.  I thought that Debbie Lawson’s Persian Carpet Collection was fun.  She made sculpture like forms from the carpets.  Also, Rachel Kneebone’s Sconce lll was beautifully made ceramic wall hanging. 

I have also just been to my first belly dancing class which was fun.  Unfortunately, my calf was still hurting a little from the ‘Davina’ workout at the end of the last week!!  Fingers crossed it will feel a little better tomorrow.

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