Visiting the V & A

I have at long last been to the Victoria and Albert Museum.  What a beautiful building in itself.  Had hoped to visit the Saatchi Gallery but then realised it was closed.  Before the V & A Paula and I popped into the Tate Britain to have a look at the watercolour exhibition.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t read the blurb properly and the exhibition wasn’t due to open until Wednesday.  Instead we went to the Susan Hiller one.  She likes to work with sound.  I particularly liked two of her pieces.  Monument 1980, is one of them.

 Here she has photographed some memorial plaques.  These are dedicated to civilian heroes.  She has increased the size of the pictures and then placed them on the wall using one for every year of her life.  I found this a very touching work.  She had incorporated sound in this work by means of ear phones and a park bench to sit on and listen.  I didn’t listen but still really appreciated the artwork.  The second one I liked was Witness 2000.

This was a lot of tiny old fashioned speakers, hanging from the ceiling by their wires.  Each little speaker had a story being transmitted from it.  It was a lovely experience walking through the speakers.  It reminded me of walking through a very busy market place and not knowing or speaking to anyone.  Very clever.

We then caught the tube to South Kensington and walked through the tunnel to one of the entrances to the Victoria  & Albert Museum.  There is so much to see here it is overwhelming.  I was drawn to the Exhibition:  Shadow Catchers: Camera-less Photography.  I had seen the image Invocation by Adam Fuss.  This is a cibachrome photogram of  a small child.  The five artists exhibiting work without a camera to produce images by casting shadows and manipulating light or by chemically treating the paper they are working with.  The images were fantastic. 

After this we visited the ceramics department on level 6.  It went on forever.  Then popped into the British Museum which was absolutely packed.

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