Well into March already.  We have had a couple of lovely sunny days this past week.  Since my last post I have had about an hour long tutuorial with Nick.  This was very helpful.  He suggested that I look at my work, really think about it and decide what the work means to me.  He also said that I should ask others what my work means to them.  I asked him about my larger pictures which I was struggling with.  He said that I was making a very big jump from the smaller pics to the larger ones.  He suggested that I slowly increased the size of my pictures.  This makes total sense to me.  So I have have obtained some more boards only increasing some of their size by 5cm.  These are are on slightly larger board measuring 25x25cm:

Both these images are unfinished ( I think. ) I have been using oil paints on the board by applying the paint and then wiping it away with a cloth.  I have used my finger with a rag wrapped around it to produce the shapes.

I am also working alongside in my sketchbook with watercolours.  I have just had some extra inspiration by visiting the Watercolour Exhibition which is showing currently at the Tate Britain (neares station Pimlico).  Go and see it if you have the opporunity….very interesting.  My favourite paintings were Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Fetges c.1927 and Uwe Wittwer’s Ruin 2008. 

Below is an image of a watercolour from my sketchbook.

Hove, West Sussex

I am pleased that I have also ticked another box on my to do list by finally getting arount to visiting the Saatchi Gallery (nearest tube station Sloane Square).  I am really pleased to have done this as along with the Victoria and Albert Museum (visited last month)  it is one of the main places I  should have frequented long ago.  I thought the building itself was fantastic and my two favourite pieces here were:


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