Been very busy in the studio producing small works.  Decided to put the larger paintings on hold and concentrate on the smaller ones, scaling up gradually.  I have had some more boards cut and been using a coloured ground instead of a white one.   I have been really happy with the differing results.  As well as oils I have been experimenting the acrylics.  These have given me a very different result.  The main reason being that acrylics dry quickly and therefore are not as easily removable as oil paints.  This has created some interesting finishes and textures which have been very interesting. 

Have been on another visit to London today primarily to see two exhibitions by Tom Hammick.  He had one in Cork Street at Flowers Gallery.  The Cork Street exhibition was of prints, including woodcuts.  It is entitled Imitations of Nature and on until 2nd April 2011. 

Tom Hammick

 The second was at the Eagle Gallery, Farringdon Road; Edgeland  consisted of oil paintings by Tom. These works can be seen here until 15th April 2011.

Tom Hammick

Whilst leaving Cork Street I happened upon a lovely painting in the window of Browse & Darby.  The picture was by artist, Thomas Lamb.  I accordingly went in to peruse this artist’s work.  I thought some of his works were beautiful.  I particularly liked Frozen Oak Tree, 2010

Thomas Lamb 

In my experience I usually prefer images on the computer or in a brochure than actually seeingthe real thing.  This is definitely not the case with the above painting.  It is far better in real life.   Honestly!   Thomas Lamb’s exhibition is on until the 1st April 2011.  Well worth a visit.

Thomas Lamb

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