The National Aquarium in Plymouth.  What a great place to visit…..with or without the kids.

The Free Range Exhibition, Brick Lane, London.  Northbrook College Students Room.  We stayed at a local hotel and ate lots of curry…..yum….it was great.  Mine are the three little pics on the left!

Constantine Bay is such a lovely beach with great waves for body boarding.

You can’t beat reading a good book on holiday!

The boys loved crabbing.  Everyone was doing it!

What a good idea this was.  Just one room at the Tate, St Ives dedicated to measuring people’s height.  Believe it or not it was really pretty.  Everyone was measured and beside the measurement was written their name and the date.

Martin Creed’s balloons.  The boys really enjoyed this room.  What a lovely view from the window over St Ives Bay.  There was a bit of wait to get in the room as it was so popular.

St Ives is well known for it’s great light by artists.

More body boarding at Constantine Bay.


How proud am I.  The talk at the end of the graduation was inspirational.  It brought a tear to my eye.

Pavillion Gardens, Falmouth.   It was a lovely sunny day and there was a band as well.


Had to go up a few days before exhibition to hang work.  Didn’t realise how close the venue was to Trafalgar Square.

The work begins……..

Started painting Lewes Castle whilst doing my day in the gallery.

Believe it or not but this is the best photograph of me taken on this day.  I used to get complimented on my eyes…..guess those days have gone!


These two are so beautiful but sitting together like this doesn’t happen too often.

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