These are a mixture of oil and acrylic paintings measuring 10x10cm and painted on board.  They were in the window of the Chalk Gallery, North Street, Lewes.  The gallery has just had a revamp and is due to reopen on Thursday of this week.  www.chalkgallerylewes.co.uk/

This painting is oils on board and measures 30x30cm.

We can now see how high the extension is going to be.  Very busy builders…

I thought i’d start another watercolour painting in the gallery.  As the gallery is in Lewes it seemed appropriate to paint a local building…..hence the prison…  I thought it woudl be a good idea to liven it up colour wise!

Oil painting on board measuring 30x30cm.  Inspired by Tom Hammicks work.


This is me, standing in what will be our new kitchen, one Sunday morning.

Lily is so cute.  she love jumping up on the scaffolding and exploring the new building as it grows.  She’s looking up at it here!

I was a little late into December for this really but thought I would get on with creating an xmas themed piece of work.  Partridge in a Pear Tree was my choice and here is the beginning of a linocut.

A few of the prints drying.  Just after this photo was taken all the prints started to fall from the walls of the lodge because it was too cold for the tape to stick!  I then had to transfer them all to the house for drying.  This was not easy as it was a very windy day and a some were spoilt by folding over and smudging.

Snow Oak.  Acrylics on paper.  This is one of the paintings on show at the next hang in The Chalk Gallery, 4 North Street, Lewes, BN7 2PA.   Please see  http://www.chalkgallerylewes.co.uk/ for more information.

Part of a little Christmas arrangement.

St Nicholas Road, Brighton.  Many residents of this road create an advent window running up to Christmas.  This is the window at number 33 which was opened on the 11th December.  It was themed on Pipers Piping and also had a couple of my Partridge in a Pear Tree prints displayed.

A latest shot of the extension.  This photo was taken from the middle of the garden.

My daughter opening her pressies on Christmas morning.

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