It has been so …

It has been so difficult to concentrate on any artwork recently because of the building work we are having done at home.  I have, however, been thinking about my Featured Artist spot at the Chalk Gallery, Lewes which has to be ready before 5th March and also the Artists’ Open Houses in Brighton during May.  I’m showing my Balloon Series at The Chalk Gallery which consists of prints, collages and paintings all inspired by a friend’s balloon ride from Hickstead  in West Sussex.  A few of us clubbed together to give her the ride for her 50th birthday. I have been working out what work to show and deciding which pieces to get copies into giclee prints and cards etc.  I’m planning to have a private view as well.

The Chalk Gallery has recently been refurbished…

Interior of the newly refurbished gallery

My work, as Featured Artist, will be on the centre panel (both sides).  I will also have a browser and a plinth for cards.

Gallery view from the back



Gallery wall - my painting is the one on the far right


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