Well, it was a lovely sunny day in the capital yesterday.    First of all I went to the Tate Britain to see the Picasso & Modern British Art Exhibition.  The works in this exhibition begin with the first time Picasso exhibited in this country which was in 1910.  The exhibition examins the relationship between Picasso and British Art from this time until the 1960s.  It shows how British Artists were influenced by Picasso and also how they promoted him.  My favourite comparison was that of a sculpture by Henry Moore.  The likeness of Moore’s Reclining Figure in elmwood to that of Picasso’s oil painting The Source, is remarkable.  I hadn’t been to the Tate at a weekend for a while and had forgotten how busy it gets!    However, this didn’t stop a quick visit to the exhibition Migrations.  Migrations explores how migration into Britain has shaped the course of art in this country over the last 500 years.  Obviously the exhibition is only able to take snippets or moments from history but it does raise some fundamental questions about the influence in British Art.  It is well worth a visit.  Infact both these exhibitions are.






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