I would like to thank everyone who attended my Open House in Brighton.  It was a great success with more than 600 visitors through the door. My next exhibition will be at the Henfield Arts & Gardens on the weekend of 16th and 17th June.  I will be at Two Oaks, Lower Station Road.  Do come and have a look if you can.  Mary, the house owner, has a beautiful garden and also makes the most delicious food.  We are praying for good weather which makes walking around Henfield a delight.  Henfield is a very pretty village and well worth a visit.  I was luck enough to live there for more than 16 years.  Please see  for the trail map.

We have also just had a new hang at the Chalk Gallery, North Street, Lewes.  I have on display two watercolour paintings of flowers together with two linocut prints of the Royal Pavilion, Brighton.  Chalk is a cooperative of artists who produce new work for the gallery every six weeks.

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