The Frieze Art Fair, Regents Park

Some images from the Frieze on Saturday……

This is a fantastic mosaic.  My second favourite picture at Frieze this year.

The above picture was my favourite one at Frieze it is by American Artist, Elliott Hundley who lives and works in Los Angeles.  I am definitely going to go back to some collaging.  Very inspiring.  Thank you Elliott!!

I love these boxes that are bein used to sit on, they are great………..

I love this pictures….obviously Dali inspired….aubergines are my favourite vegetable… eggplant or brinjal depending on where you are eating it YUM!

I really like the above picture.  It reminds me of another artist’s work but I can’t think of whose at this precise moment…It will come to me eventually though..

Richard…pull that t-shirt down…………for goodness sake!

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