The Acorns Nursery, Westmeston

I am now Artist in Residence at The Acorns Nursery, Westmeston.

For more info on the nursery see

My ‘Poppy Making Project’ was slightly delayed as I had to take my dog to the vets last Friday as he was unwell.  He is a lot better now and so fingers crossed he stays that way.

Here’s a picture of Rex in his basket.  He is currently crying as he wants more food.  This is definitely a good sign.  🙂

Ok, Rex is all fed now and little happier.  I had to pop off for a while then to have a photo taken with other artists for the Hassocks Artists Christmas Sale that we are having in a couple of weeks time, on the 25th November ( The Mid Sussex Times is doing a little write up on the event for us).  It is from 11am – 4pm in the Hassocks Hotel Function Room.  Should be lots of Christmas Goodies for people to buy.

Right, sorry, now back to The Acorns Nursery and my Poppy Hill.  Whoops should have said The Children’s Poppy Hill!

I cut out some petals, a centre and a stalk and thought it might be fun for the children to put their poppies together and then stick them to a hill to make a big picture.  Well, I think I was a little late as quite a few of the children said that they had already made them, seen them, been there, done that kind of thing.  However,  I had a few who really enjoyed the activity.

Using an egg cup to draw circles for the petals and centre.  I used the base for the centre and the top for the petals.

I then set to work cutting out the circles.  I also cut some green strips of card/thick paper for the stems.  I forgot to take a photo of those but you will see them later on.

This is what the poppies might look like?  It will be reallly interesting to see what the children create.

This is the nursery awaiting arrival of the little visitors.

A little Poppy Maker

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I also took in a picture of a poppy for colouring and cutting out.

Several very expressive colourings………….

Lots of very good cutting also took place.



The Poppy Pic begins to take shape.

This activity was also good for counting as I got the children to count out the number of poppy petals as they were using them 🙂

Lovely 🙂

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