Making Pizzas

Making Pizzas at the Acorns Nursery, Westmeston today……………

This week the children are concentrating on the letter I.  I immediately thought I for Italy and decided to make a pizza with them.

Everyone really enjoyed this activity.  We were talking about all the different types of vegetables you could get that were green.  Some of the pizzas had spinach, broccoli, runner beans, peas and cabbage on them.  One little girl said that she usually had carrot on top of hers.  I haven’t actually had this before but may be it’s worth a try?

A Pizza Face 🙂

The white strips of paper were onions.  We cut strips of yellow tissue paper to make cheese.  Scrunched up green tissue paper for spinach and cut out different coloured paper for types of meat and olives.

I also took in some I’s for colouring.   The I’s had circles on them and one clever little boy decided to make a collage by sticking the pepperoni or salami paper pieces on top.  What a lovely result…  🙂

Oh…………..and I is also for ice.

This is what the table looked like after all the hard work.


It’s almost like actually being at Pizza Hut.  🙂  Well…………from what I can remember anyway!

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