Advent at St Nicholas Road, Brighton

I really should have mentioned this before but better late than never…..!  St Nicholas Road in Brighton (not far from the station) are carrying out their advent window calendar again.  Every evening a new window is revealed counting down to Christmas Day.  I’ve been preparing a window for the 20th Decemeber.  Take a walk along the road to see all the windows and see if you can spot mine!!


Unfortunately it wasn’t totally dark when I left.  It will look much better then!


I made some Christmas Angels from Dolly Pegs (or old fashioned Clothes Pegs) which are hanging from branches above the Three French Hens Linoprint picture.  The Angels have been very simply made from the clothes pegs (which I think I bought from the Pound Shop some time ago), some gold ribbon for the wings, pipe cleaners for the arms and some left over material for the skirts. I used double sided tape to stick the whole lot together.  I do like double sided tape…what a great invention!


Below is an image of what the window looks like from inside the house.  You can see the angels dangling in this one.  I have used lights that I bought from Ikea a few years ago to decorate the window.  The two glitter ball decoarations are what Next (the retailers)  used last year for their Christmas Displays.  They were giving away the ones they had used just before the Boxing Day Sale last year.


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