Snowmen at Westmeston

Friday was the Christmas Party and the last day for children at Westmeston Nursery before Christmas.  We began the day by making snowmen decorations for the christmas tree.  Thank you to Ann for giving me the cotton wool pads which kicked the idea. Also thank you to  Linda Cote who made the most fantastic tree decoration from wood and gave me the idea of hanging the snowmen to the tree.


I used some left over mountboard for the base.  Then the children applied glue.  The ground was made from white printing paper.



Cotton Wool pads were used to make both the head and body.


Red and green paper was cut into triangles for the hats and craft buttons were used for both eyes and the snowman’s tummy.


Red gift wrap ribbon was cut and glued to give the snowman his scarf.  The finishing touch was a small triangle of orange paper for the carrot nose.  The decorations were then hung by green wrapping ribbon…..



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