Newts at the Nursery

Today at The Acorns Nursery the children made Newts with lolly sticks, pipe cleaners and pva glue.  They all really enjoyed this activity and were impatient for the glue to dry.  🙂


The above picture is of the one I made at home.  Once the pva is dry the feet and tail can be bent in all different directions.  I think it looks its best with the legs bent so that the stick body is off the ground.


First of all they decorated the top lolly pop stick with felt pens or coloured pencils.


Then lots of glue was used on the bottom stick…


The pipe cleaners were sandwiched between the two sticks to make the legs and tail…..


We then pegged the sandwiched sticked together to give the glue time to dry….


The finished newts…


What a lovely selection


I then read the above sheet to the children giving them a bit of information about newts and explaining that they are found in ponds etc.


Everyone then enjoyed colouring their newt pics 🙂



Newts waiting to go to their new homes!



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