Chine Colle

Today I have printed these two linos of Arundel Castle using chine colle.  Chine colle is a technique in printmaking where fine papers are attached to heavier ones before applying the print.  In these two I have stuck tissue paper to the surface before  printing.


I have also been printing cards with the same lino that I printed the wooden hearts, birds and eggs last week.  See my Facebook page   I have already made a test one, which I think is okay.  It may be a bit busy?  I’ve encountered a little problem with my blog and don’t seem to be able to load any more images.  Last time this happened I realised that I had reached my limit for photos before having to purchase more space.  I accordingly deleted some and then immediately realised that this removed them from my pages as well!  I guess i’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy some space.

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