The Beginnings of New Work

Well, for some reason, I have found it really difficult to get motivated this year.  Can it be that my house is absolutely freezing or that the dog has smashed into my jaw and given me a perforated ear drum?  May be it’s just that I am being very lazy?  I was just starting to get very worried and then this happened………I started to cut two new linos 🙂   One of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton and the other of the Clayton Tunnel which is on the London to Brighton line between Hassocks (where I live in that very cold house!) and Brighton.

It’s not that I have been lazy.  The trouble is that there is always something to do here and sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed.  Time management is not my best attribute unfortunately! But, phew, I certainly feel a lot happier now that there is some new work on the way.  Fingers crossed that I don’t mess it up (actually if I cross my fingers it definitely won’t go well!)




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