Well the first episode of Cuffs has been on the TV.  It certainly is fast-paced as described.  I happen to have a friend over for dinner yesterday evening and so we watched the episode a little later than scheduled.  She commented on how much she liked Brighton and hoped it wasn’t as violent as had been portrayed.  I said that I guess they had a lot to get into only 8 episodes!

I have been telling everyone to watch the series and keep a look out for my art.  I remember the artistic director telling me that my work would be in a few of the episodes but unfortunately I can’t remember which ones.

These are images of the work that the BBC hired.  I assume that they used them all but don’t really know. 🙂


Sussex Sheep new  Sussex Sheep

Jack at Clayton  Jack

The Woods 20x20   The Woods

The Chattri3  The Chattri

Pavilion Sunset  Pavilion Sunset

Dandelion Field  Dandelion Field

Devils Dyke Giclee Devils Dyke


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