Change of Plans

Well a lot has happened in the last month or so.  My husband and I have had a fabulous holiday in Dubai.  Despite my dislike of heights I managed a trip up the Burj Kalifa, the highest building in the world and so was pretty pleased with that.

I have also been to my cousin’s wedding in Hertfordshire and stayed in the lovely Red Lion Hotel in Radlett.  On our way home we decided to pop into B&Q in Watford for some decorating and garden supplies.  Well, i’m sorry to say, that we enjoyed ourselves so much in the shop that we were there for over three hours.  Actually, it was my fault for spending so long deciding on wall colours…  I’m sorry because about a week after getting home we received a parking ticket for staying more than three hours in the car part (ten minutes over actually).  What a pain.  We spent almost £300 and received a £100 parking ticket for our troubles.  Anyway the complaints procedure begins but we have heard nothing as yet.

As per the post heading there has also been a slight change of plans for my May Open House.  It was all looking a bit doubtful that the new ramp would be finished in time for the 6th of May and so we have decided to move the art from the lodge to the house.  This is good news as I now have a freshly decorated dining room in readiness.  The ramp may still be ready on time but this took some of the pressure off.  The garden can still be accessed through the kitchen.  It has also given me more wall space and so all in all I think it is a good move.  Thank you for decorating the dining room Pete 🙂 x

At the beginning of April I attended a workshop run by Printmaker, Ian Phillips.  What a fantastic weekend it was.  All ten of us produced very interesting linoprints created using the reduction method.  Ian was an excellent teacher and we all learnt a great deal.

Coastal Walk Bella

Above is my creation which is inspired by a photo of Bella taken when we were in the the Isle of Wight last year.

Wilmington Hills is the first reduction I have produced in my studio since Ian’s workshop.  It can currently be seen at the Chalk Gallery in Lewes and will be on display at my Open House every weekend during May from the 6th.

Wilmington Hills Sue Collins

It is great to be back at the Chalk Gallery.  It is an artist run gallery, open from 10am til 5pm every day of the week and there is always one of the artist’s on duty.  See my website for more details.

My workshops through Made and Making are going strong.  Here are some images from this month’s Print Friendly.  The next is due to take place on the morning of Friday the 5th of May.   See my website for more details.

Print Friendly April 2017

I also ran a beginners workshop on Monday and here you can see some very busy hands…

beginners workshop April 2017

Hasn’t the weather been good for dog walking lately (although it is looking rather grey here today).  The countryside around Hassocks is looking absolutely beautiful at the moment with many bluebells, wood anemones, wild garlic and more wild flowers.  It’s lovely not to be plodding through the mud.  You do, however, have to be careful not to trip over the many tree roots which become hazardous at this time of year.  I fell flat on my face this week.  Luckily only Bella saw me.  Until next time…..

Hedgerow Heaven Teal Sue CollinsHedgerow Heaven,  April 2017

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